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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  January 5, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> gary nurenberg, 9news now. >> brook wants outreach to be a defining characteristic of her tenure. she says she's going to work with community groups, trying to help residents prevent crime. good morning. and welcome to 9news now. today is wednesday, january 5th. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. we're sorry you didn't win the megamillions jackpot. $355 million. but neither did we. here is monika. howard, weather first to you. >> the take home gone from $208 to $242 at the machine. >> not meant to be. not meant to be. >> we've got winds this morning gusting 20, 25 miles per hour with the colder air moving in. it is not going to be as comfortable as it was yesterday afternoon. took the dog for a walk. boy, was it nice with the lack of wind and temperatures in the low 40s. today, around 40, maybe 41, 42.
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noontime temp, 37. i expect to drop a few more degrees and start the recovery to around 40 later on. with your 5:00 p.m. temperature of 38. sun is up at 7:27 setting at 5:00 p.m. you'll notice fairly quiet weather here with the snow showers up in pennsylvania and new york state. with clear skies but a brisk wind out of the northwest and temperatures where the winds are blowing are still in the upper 30s. the winds have gotten dead calm. look at manassas. they got down to 18. fredericksburg, light winds, 25. it is windy in martinsburg and winchester. they're in the lower 30s. they're all over the place. a chilly start with those winds and those wind chills running mostly in the 20s to around 30 here in d.c. it is 4:31. monika samtani hello to you on this wednesday. >> good morning, everybody. we're off to a good start this morning. we're starting with a green light. some construction to watch out for and really that's all over town. we'll start off with a look at 270. this time, the construction is on the northbound side.
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we'll go ahead and take a live look on the northbound side at falls road just out of this camera shot. the construction is in the three right lanes. stay to the left on the northbound side. southbound, as you can see, all of your lanes are open. let's head over to burr tonsville on the southbound side of route 25. only the right lane will get you by. that will over to takoma park. carroll avenue at jefferson avenue, construction work. here is a live look. westbound on 8th street between 14th and 13th street, watch out for that as well. a live look on to 395 on the northbound side where you've got construction on the 14th street bridge. this is long-standing construction and that one is in the left lane. in my next report, we'll take a look at westbound route 50 in prince george's county. mike, andrea? >> thank you. 4:32 now. checking the stories we've been following while you slept, two people are waking up to find themselves millions of dollars richer and they're nowhere near
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here. >> the holders of the tickets sold in idaho and another in washington state will share megamillions $355 million jackpot. now, this prize is the fourth largest in u.s. history. and the second largest in megamillions history. the winning megamillions numbers drawn last night, because you might win $2 or $250,000 are 4, 8, 15, 25, 47 and the megaball number was 42. the odds of winning the jackpot were one in 176 million. >> wow. now to other news from overnight. police in prince george's county are now searching for clues in a shooting in temple hills. 11:43 last night, four people were found suffering from gunshot wounds in a 4,000 block of norcross street not far from the iverson mall. one of the victims died at the scene. the other three were taken to the hospital. no word on their conditions this morning.
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the shooting this morning happened roughly one mile away from a deadly shooting yesterday morning outside the upscale ballroom in suitland. >> that incident was the first of three deadly shootings which happened just within eight hours of each other from midnight through 7:30 tuesday morning. the first murder investigators found clifton turner shot to death inside his car outside the upscale ballroom in suitland. the second man was killed inside a townhome he shared with his girlfriend in fort washington. then the third. the body was found about a mile away. a man shot to death just outside the gates landfill. now, officers believe the murder in the townhome and the execution near the landfill are related. they believe it may have been a dispute over drugs. the 112th congress is scheduled to be sworn in today and this congress will be very different than the last. >> indeed. republicans will lead the house. democrats still control the senate. as randall pinkston reports, many believe the odds of anything getting done are remote at best.
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>> reporter: the new republican majority in the house plans to hit the ground running. >> i wish them success. i look forward to working with them. >> reporter: democratic leader nancy pelosi will officially return the gavel to incoming speaker john boehner later today. almost immediately after, the g.o.p. will set out on a 20-day mission to make as many changes as they can before president obama's state of the union address. >> i think this is an unprecedented package. it will transform this house back to where it is. the people's house. >> reporter: as one of the first orders of business, republicans will take on government spending. they'll propose new house rules tomorrow, including one that would require any new spending to be offset by budget cuts. the rule would not apply to tax cuts. but much of the attention is set on the g.o.p.'s plan to repeal president obama's healthcare law. a house vote is set for next week. >> we said very clearly from the beginning and this is basically one sentence, that we were going to, in fact, repeal
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the healthcare measure. >> democrats who still hold an edge in the senate say it is a waste of time. >> every minute wasted on trying to repeal healthcare reform fruitlessly is one less minute the republicans will stand on job creation and turning this economy around. for his part, president obama says he is focused on economic recovery. in hopes eventually republicans will be, too. randall pinkston, cbs news, washington. after being sworn in, the new congress will vote on a new rules package written by republicans. this one includes stripping the district of the only voting right it has in congress. d.c. mayor vincent gray caust called the impending move absolutely outrageous. he and holmes norton are putting up a fight. >> it is an invitation to fight. when they invite you to continue paying your taxes all in the very same year that they
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have stripped away the vote. >> delegate norton has been allowed to vote in the house committee of the whole. that aloud her to vote on proposed changes to legislation but not on the legislation's package. captain owen honors is no longer the commander of the u.s.s. enterprise. the navy permanently removed him from the post tuesday after raunchy videos he made and showed to the crew several years ago. they were just leaked to a newspaper recently though. senior military officials are trying to determine which other navy leaders knew about these tapes. well, after spending 30 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit, a texas man has his freedom now. yesterday, a judge cleared cornelius dupree jr. of any wrongdoing in a 1979 rape and robbery after dna evidence exonerated him. dupree could have his sentence reduced twice. he could have and made parole if.he had only admitted the crimes.
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he refused to do so because he said that would have been a l.i.e. >> wow, 30 years and he could have left jail much sooner and he -- he said i didn't do it. >> our time right now, 4:38. coming up, some good news for all of you late tax filers out there. >> at 4:52, if you're looking to lower your cholesterol, you might want to eat tree bark? >> sure. ready for that one. up next, a quick check on the forecast to get you out the door. we're back with your weather first in two minutes. tv always. breg akinlocal news... emergency alerts... in the lmpa of your hand. higquh ality hd... tv3d . more oichces than ever. thute fure of broadcast tv? it's tv. technology, not regulation from washington d.c. check out what's next. visit thefuture.ooftvrg.
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it's french's crunchy onion chicken! (announcer) for a quick and easy dinner crush french fried onions. dip chicken in egg. coat with onion crumbs and bake. when dinner's made with french's french fried onions, everyone's happy. french's. happy starts here. look for it in the canned vegetable aisle. it is 4:40 on this wednesday morning. a windy wednesday morning. gusts over 20 miles per hour. those winds will be relaxing as we get into the afternoon. here is your day planner. winds are going to bring the
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temperatures down. we're 37 now though. i think we'll be around 33 at 9:00. notice the shine today. northwest winds 10 to 15. 5 to 10 this afternoon. 3:00 p.m. near the high. 40, 41. by 6:00, we're back down to 36 as a few more clouds roll in. here's monika samtani. >> we'll fly westbound on the john hansen highway through bowie and over to the beltway, your lanes are open. coming up, we'll talk about the last look at construction area. and that's at 4:48. right now, it is time for the first your money report of the morning. >> jessica is here with is a look at today's deadlines. >> a we'll be focusing in on the economy. the reason why, we've got a new report out that could show the economy continues to grow and it comes as another shows americans did spend more at the stores in december compared to last year. as for trading so far today, a small pullback in asian markets coming after mixed showing. checking the numbers for you, the dow standing at 11,691.
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it added 20 points in trading yesterday. in the meantime, the nasdaq was down 10 and the s&p 500 was off by almost -- almost 2 points. the national deficit has topped $14 trillion for the first time ever. that's dangerously close to the country's debt ceiling of $14.2 trillion. it is a cap set on congress on the amount of debt the federal government can borrow. the u.s. could default on its debt for the first time in history. details of the december policy meeting are out. in the meeting, fed officials said signs of economic growth are not enough to cut back on its $600 billion bond buying program. it is designed to keep interest rates low and encourage spending. more time is needed before they would consider changing their plans. procrastinators rejoice! yes, you've got an extra three days to file your federal taxes this year! the filing deadline is being pushed back to monday, april
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18th because april 15th falls on the day the district of columbia observes emancipation day. the i.r.s. expects to process more than 140 million individual tax returns and of course, the i.r.s. stressing yet again efiling is the best way to get the refund back in your hot little hand in quick fashion. >> it does quickly. >> thank you, jessica. would you pay 10 cents more for your favorite cocktail? a local government thinks you will. >> a new bill intended to improve the quality of our food supply is now lost. we'll be back.
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[honking] they were having a sale! announcer: the ikea sale. i'm going back for more! announcer: december 26th through january 9th. save up to 60%. ikea. the life improvement store. 4:45. howard bernstein is here and how should we plan our day? bundle up? rain gear, what? >> taking the dog for a walk this morning, you need the gloves, the scarves, the earmuffs. yesterday, i was out in the afternoon with a fleece. it wasn't bad at all. >> no such luck this morning. winds gusting over 20 miles per hour. temperatures are falling
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through the 30s into the 20s. at this hour. we'll get you going this morning. we'll look at the bus stop forecast. it is going to be sunny but brisk with generally mid-20s to mid-30s this morning. but with those winds out there, wind chills will be even colder than that. sun is up 7:27. it set at 5:00 p.m. 9:00, west to northwesterly winds. 11 miles per hour. we'll have the gusts again in the 20, 25 range for awhile. noontime temp, northwest winds still 10 to 15. 37. we top out near 40. mid afternoon. and by 5:00, we're back down to 38. partly cloudy with those northwesterly winds. right now, we've got 20s and 30s out there. reagan national, the warm spot at 37. easton is 34. chilly in fredericksburg at 25. the naval air station at patuxent is 36. 32 along with winchester. hagerstown 29. in oakland, garrett county, the other side of the divide at 18. locally, we've got 19 in manassas.
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the winds are calm down there. they lose the heat. radiates out of the space. up the road in centerville, 32. great falls, 35. we've got 32 for gaithersburg. columbia is 33. in prince george's county, we see college park also at 37. andrews is 36. hello in crofton. 35 degrees. over there this morning and down in fort bell, you guys are coming in with 33. winds northwest at 9 with a wind chill of 30. many areas have wind chills down in the 20s this morning. air is still kind of dry with dew points at 19. relative humidity, 48% outside. closer to about 10% or less inside. nationally, not much going on. we've got a few snow showers in the northwest and rain along the coast. you see the light snow in the north. here in the south, we've got a rainstorm here. a southern storm with the rain. on the northern fringe of this across parts of tennessee and southern virginia, it will produce a little bit of snow over the next 36 hours. here we go. snow showers through the
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morning hours up north, pennsylvania, new york. high pressure building in today. so, we'll have a pretty good day. as the high gets closer to us, that will allow the winds to just settle down. tonight, light winds with some clouds moving in. notice the snow showers by midnight along the virginia/north carolina border into eastern part of tennessee. there will be some lighter accumulations down there overnight. maybe an inch or two in spots. tomorrow, we're in pretty good shape again. a few more clouds in the morning let's say than in the afternoon. then here comes the next front. gets closer to us in the evening. moves through us overnight. and with this front, look at that. we could get some snow showers here overnight thursday night into friday morning. even friday, can't rule out a couple more snow showers passing in this next surge of colder air. so, that's going to keep us kind of in the chill as we head into the upcoming weekend. here is your next three days. 41 today. it is going to be chilly. more wind this morning than this afternoon. tomorrow, 39.
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variable clouds. chilly. friday, colder with snow showers. 35 as we go through the weekend. temperatures on saturday in the low 30s. mid-30s sunday. breeze starts to die down. monday, 38. right now looks like a coastal storm may try to form tuesday. slight chance of snow on tuesday and 35. 4:49. take it away, monika. >> we'll start off this traffic report with a green l.i.e. we just had some -- with a green light. we'll start off with maryland and a look in burtonsville on the southbound side of route 29 here at route 198. the construction has been there along the left side of the roadway. that should clear shortly. we'll take you over to takoma park, emergency utility work blocks southbound carroll avenue. follow the detour to get around that. here is a live look at the beltway north of town. both loops of the beltway looking good. basically between 95 and 270, this is at university boulevard. let's take a live look now if you're planning to head over
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into virginia, beltway construction on the outer loop between the dulles toll road and route 7, that should be clearing shortly. a quick look live in the district. westbound eighth street between 14th street and 13th street northeast, that construction will be there throughout the day. we'll attack a look at maryland roads. the food safety modernization act is now law. the bill is intended to improve food safety across the country. >> as manuel gallegus reports, it gives the fda more oversight and control over what we eat. >> reporter: e. coli outbreaks in spinach, salmonella poisoning in peanuts, the cdc says food borne illness makes 48 million americans sick every year. and kills 3,000. now for the first time since the 1930s, the food and drug administration's food safety system is getting a major overhaul. >> this legislation will change the system so that we're preventing that kind of contamination before it gets
4:51 am
into the grocery shelves and before people start getting sick. >> reporter: under the new law, the fda will inspect high risk processing plants at least once every three years instead of every ten. larger farms and food makers must submit detailed safety plans and identify where contamination could occur. and imported food must meet the same sand safety standards as food produced domestically. >> if this law is a huge success, a lot of the success will be invisible. you are not going to be seeing as many people sick. >> the fda will now have mandatory recall authority over tainted food. until now, the government could only suggest that companies voluntarily recall their products. consumers welcome the news. >> i hope that they would be taking certain precautions to make sure that we're taken care of. >> the new law doesn't cover meat, poultry or processed eggs. the agricultural department oversees their safety. experts say the $1.4 billion
4:52 am
fda overhaul is money well spent to keep americans safe and healthy. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. some republicans looking to cut government spending say the new food safety law may not be affordable. so, get this. birch bark could be the next weapon against high cholesterol. according to a new study, a compound found in the bark of birch trees known as battulen is able to help lower cholesterol and prevent obesity in mice. the compound low in toxicity and is being used to make other drugs. >> we did this as kids. take a switch off a birch tree and taste on it and it tasted like birch soda but it tastes good. >> i didn't do that. but i'll take your word for it. he looks in great health, doesn't he? >> we digress. >> imagine if you and your wife meaning we just had kids are pregnant and driving to the hospital and your child is on the way but the baby does not
4:53 am
want to wait? what do you do? >> once his wife angela's water broke, john kauffman decided hit the gas and when the baby began to crown, he practically floored it and that's when a new hampshire state trooper pursued him. he called 911 and when the dispatcher told the trooper about the situation, he helpfully escorted the couple to the hospital. now, six minutes later, john and angela's baby was born in the car, there is the adorable baby. when coughlin stepped out to see the trooper, the trooper told him... >> he said you know, congratulations on your son but i'm going to have to see you in court. >> it seems john was driving 102 miles per hour in a 55- mile-per-hour zone. the trooper's commander is defending the ticket saying 102 miles per hour is a dangerous thing regardless of the situation. the court date for the ticket has not been set and we'll keep you posted on this one.
4:54 am
>> wow! the baby is healthy. that's the number one thing. >> we do understand. but come on. >> before we head to break, it is time for the question of the morning. >> according to a new survey, one thick we borrow most from our neighbors is what? what do you think the answer is? put it on our facebook page. we'll reveal the right one in a little bit. óóóóóó
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it is about 4:57 on this wednesday morning. it is breezy in spots. we've got temperatures ranging from around 18 in manassas to 37 at national. we'll be seeing temps down in the low 30s. topping out near 40, 41. as winds relax later on this afternoon with the 5:00 p.m. temperature of 38. mike? >> thank you, howard. >> so, would you be willing to pay an extra dime for a cocktail at your favorite restaurant or tavern? healthcare colition says maryland residents would. the coalition has been pushing for an alcohol tax increase as a way to boost funding for healthcare programs across the state. washington is full of famous buildings with some of the most elaborate entrances in the entire world. but one by one, the front doors are being sealed off in favor of more secure entrances. >> the supreme court is the latest to shoo people away from the front steps. we take a look at how this trend is starting to impact the d.c. experience for tourists.
4:58 am
>> reporter: an aspiring lawyer, she came to the supreme court to take her picture on top of the famous steps. but she's turned away. >> i want to go up there, take a picture but he don't allow me to go. >> reporter: for the past 75 years, anyone wanting to enter the u.s. supreme court was allowed to use this main majestic front entrance. but now, ever since last may, anyone wanting to enter the u.s. supreme court, including the attorneys who have to argue before the supreme court justices, now they have to use the entrances on the sides of the building and as you can see it, it doesn't quite have the same effect now, does it? >> it would be nice to walk up the steps and you know, see the most prominent staircase in the city. >> these two friends and tourists are split when it comes to the security surrounding d.c.'s most famous buildings. >> for the general public, i don't see it as being a big deal. i think we all understand in today's world, security has to come first. >> security is even tighter across the street.
4:59 am
the many visitor entrance to the capitol hill building is underground. >> i tried to go film this new entrance to the capitol building and i got kicked out. >> hey, ma'am -- >> can't film? >> unless you have a special permit or you're in one of the triangles. >> ok. i'll leave. >> now, this is as far as they'll let me go with a camera. >> for many federal employees like this 22-year veteran, they like the fortified front door. >> i think we needed more security for safety for ourselves. >> in washington, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> according to justin steven beyer, no other supreme court in the entire world has ever closed its main entrance to the public. good morning and thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> good morning. i'm mike hydeck. >> i didn't even get the re


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